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Adaptive Hypermedia 2004 Venue


The AH2004 conference is held at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

In order to get acquainted with Eindhoven you can visit the city's website, or the tourist office website. We have also some "home made" photo impressions, taken on Queen's Day 2004, Karnaval 2003 and the yearly fair 2002. The city of Eindhoven will be very lively during AH2004 because students have had their "introduction" to the university the week before, and classes will start the week after the conference. The AH2004 week is used to celebrate one last time before getting serious.

We also offer a Photo Contest which consists of 25 photos from places in Eindhoven that you can try to recognize when you are walking around. The photo contest will also be part of your conference package, and awards will be given to participants who achieve the highest score on this contest!

The conference dinner (included with registation, but you can buy additional tickets for a partner) will be held inside a cave, at La Caverne de Geulhem. Highly recommended!