Social program

The social program includes events for the conference participants as well as accompanying persons. The events and tours are booked at the time of registration. An overview is found in the sub-menus on this page.

The social events (included in the registration fee) are: 

  • Welcome Reception at Utzon Center 
  • Conference Dinner with power!

Additional social events (not included in the registration fee) are:

  • Get-together at Søgaard’s Brewery
  • Aalborg Beerwalk
  • Running Aalborg


Welcome Reception at Utzon Center

Date and time: Monday, 7th of July 2014 18:30 - 20:30

The City of Aalborg’s official opening reception will be held at Utzon Center. The Utzon Center functions as a venue for diffusion and innovation, where art, architecture and design interact with exhibition, education, conferences, meetings and culinary experiences - an apt tribute to the Danish architect Jørn Utzon (1918-2008). Jørn Utzon grew up in Aalborg. It is therefore obvious that this architecture, design and cultural centre should be placed in Aalborg – in the same area at Honnørkajen where he use to walk by on his way to school every day. The Center is designed by Jørn Utzon himself in cooperation with his son Kim Utzon. Utzon Center has become a gathering point at the water front where there is an active life for students, for the locals as well as visitors from Denmark and foreign nations.  A light selection of appetizers and beverages will be served and you will have free access to enjoy the current exhibitions at Utzon Center that evening. 


Conference Dinner with power!

Date and time: Wednesday, 9th of July 2014 at 19:30

The Conference Dinner for UMAP will be held at Nordkraft which is a former power plant located in the centre of Aalborg. Now, the old, coal-fired power station generates a completely different kind of power – Culture Power. Nordkraft opened its doors in 2009. Nordkraft brings together culture, sports, and recreation, combining sports facilities, a cinema, theatres, and restaurants under one roof – all in a fusion of contemporary architecture and authentic industrial styles that create a very special atmosphere. The exciting, unique and impressive building located in the centre of the city, is the perfect setting for the Conference Dinner. The dinner will be served in the concert hall, Skraaen. The Conference Dinner is included in the registration fee, and the Conference Dinner is open to both participants and accompanying persons. The price for accompanying person for The Conference Dinner is DKK 600 / EUR 80.


Additional social events

Not included in the registration fee, participants pay for the chosen events on top of the registration fee.

Get-together at Søgaard’s Brewery

Date and time: Sunday, 6th of July 2014 in the evening

Enjoy some hours of informal networking with your colleagues from around the world at Søgaard’s Brewery. The Brewery will serve a light summer buffet and tasting of excellent local beer. Søgaard’s Brewery is a combination of microbrewery, restaurant, tavern and café, enjoying a beautiful location on C.W. Obels Plads, a charming square in the heart of Aalborg.

The price for the Get-together at Søgaard’s Brewery is DKK 400 / EUR 55 and this includes buffet and 2 samples of beer from the brewery.

Aalborg Beerwalk

Date and time: Tuesday, 8th of July 2014 or Thursday, 10th of July 2014 in the evening

Need a beer after a day with lots of impressions? An Aalborg Beerwalk makes an agreeable finish to a busy day and a perfect start to a fun afternoon or evening in Aalborg. Take the time to go on an Aalborg Beerwalk, taste 6 well-poured, special beers in as many as 6 great pubs in the centre of Aalborg and meet and greet your UMAP’ colleagues on your Beerwalk. The Aalborg Beerwalk consists of: an Aalborg Beerwalk tasting glass, vouchers for 6 samples of excellent beer, a guide to 6 charming handpicked pubs in Aalborg, and a lot of fun. At each pub simply present a voucher and they will pour you a sample in your very own Aalborg Beerwalk tasting glass. We suggest for you to go on the Aalborg Beerwalk on Tuesday, 8 July 2014 or Thursday, 10 July 2014 in the evening and explorer the pubs in Aalborg, but feel free to use the voucher any day you prefer.

The price for The Aalborg Beerwalk is DKK 100 / EUR 14!

Running Aalborg

Date and time: Tuesday, 8th of July 2014 or Thursday, 10th of July 2014 at 7:00

The concept is pretty simple: Running Aalborg is combining running, sightseeing and the beautiful city of Aalborg. We meet at a specific location and you will run with a guide though the city. The distances are relatively short, and the running pace will be adapted to the group´s speed. We will make some small stops along the way. The guide will provide history or anecdotes about what we are seeing. Also the stop will allow you to catch your breath and enjoy the view. When participating, you should dress comfortably and according to weather conditions. So be sure to check the local weather forecast. Please note that it can get very windy by the water in Aalborg, so we recommend a windbreaker. Rain will not keep us away from giving you a Running tour.
During UMAP 2014 Running Aalborg is held on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 am and the tour lasts app. 45 min. – 1 hour. Meeting point will be distributed via e-mail in the week before the conference.

Price per person per tour is DKK 100 / EUR 14. Max. 15 participants pr. tour.