Accepted doctoral consortium papers

Doctoral consortium proceedings are available here.

Detailed schedule available here

Oral presentations:

Enhancing Exploratory Information-Seeking Through Interaction Modeling
Kumaripaba Athukorala

Hybrid Solution of the Cold-Start Problem in Context-Aware Recommender Systems
Matthias Braunhofer

Improving Mobile Recommendations through Context-Aware User Interaction
Béatrice Lamche

Personalized Cultural Heritage Experience Outside the Museum: Connecting the Museum Experience to the Outside World
Alan Wecker

Personality profiling from text and grammar
William Wright

Poster presentations:

Automatic Assembly of Adaptive User-Interfaces via Dynamic Discovery and Deployment of Profile Providers, Decision Makers and Component Repositories
Effie Karuzaki

WiBAF: Within Browser Adaptation Framework
Alejandro Montes García

Affective standards-based modeling in educational contexts from mining multimodal data sources
Sergio Salmeron-Majadas