All 7 workshops will take place on Saturday, July 16. Two workshops (W3, PATH: Personalization and Adaptation in Technology for Health, and W6: BLINKS: Big, Linked and Social Data for User Modeling and Personalized Intelligent Systems) have been cancelled due to lack of submissions.

The workshop papers are bundled in the UMAP 2016 Extended Proceedings, online at CEUR-WS.

W1) IFUP: Workshop on Multi-dimension Information Fusion for Modeling and Personalisation (first edition, half day)

Robin Burke, DePaul University, USA
Feida Zhu, Singapore Management University, Singapore
Neil Yorke-Smith, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Guibing Guo, Northeastern University, China

Workshop Website

W2) INRA: News Recommendation and Analytics (4th edition, half day)

Jon Atle Gulla, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim, Norway
Luc Martens, Minds-UGent-WiCa Ghent, Belgium
Özlem Özgöbek, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim, Norway
Nafiseh Shabib, TNS Gallup, Oslo, Norway

Workshop Website

W3) PATH: Personalisation and Adaptation in Technology for Health (5th edition, half day)

Cecile Paris, CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia
Floriana Grasso, Department of Computing Science, University of Liverpool, UK
Matt Dennis, Computing Science, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Kirsten A Smith, Computing Science, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Workshop Website

W4) SOAP: Workshop on Surprise, Opposition, and Obstruction in Adaptive and Personalized Systems (1st edition, half day)

Peter Knees, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Kristina Andersen, Studio for Electro Instrumental Music, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Alan Said, Recorded Future, Gothenburg, Sweden
Marko Tkalcic, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

Workshop Website

W5) HAAPIE: Human Aspects in Adaptive and Personalised Interactive Environments (1st edition, half day)

Panagiotis Germanakos, SAP SE, Suite Engineering UX, Products and Innovation
Marios Belk, Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus
George Samaras, Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus
Vania Dimitrova, University of Leeds, UK

Workshop Website

W6) BLINKS: Workshop on Big, LINKed, Social data for user modeling and personalized intelligent systems (1st edition, full day)

Geert-Jan Houben, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Pasquale Lops, University of Bari, Italy
Cataldo Musto, University of Bari, Italy
Denis Parra, Catholic University of Chile, Chile
Giovanni Semeraro, University of Bari, Italy

Workshop Website / Twitter page

W7) EvalUMAP, Towards comparative evaluation in the user modelling, adaptation and personalization space (1st edition, full day)

Owen Conlan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Liadh Kelly, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Kevin Koidl, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Séamus Lawless, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Killian Levacher, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Athanasios Staikopoulos, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Workshop Website

W8) FuturePD: The future of personal data: envisioning new personalized services enabled by Quantified Self technologies (1st edition, half day)

Amon Rapp, University of Torino, Italy
Federica Cena, University of Torino, Italy
Judy Kay, University of Sidney, Australia
Bob Kummerfeld, University of Sydney Australia
Frank Hopfgartner, University Gardens Glasgow, UK
Jakob Eg Larsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Elise van den Hoven, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Workshop Website

W9) PALE: Personalization Approaches in Learning Environments (6th edition, full day)

Milos Kravcik, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Olga C. Santos, Artificial Intelligence Department, UNED, Spain
Jesus G. Boticario, UNED, Spain
Maria Bielikova, FIIT STUBA, Slovakia

Workshop Website

24th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization

13-16 July 2016 - Halifax, Canada

Collocated with Hypertext 2016


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Important Dates

12 July 2016: Regular registration cutoff at 00:00 Atlantic time 
12 July onwards -On-site registration only

13-16 July 2016: UMAP 2016 Conference


15 January 2016: Workshop Proposals
23 / 28 February 2016: Abstracts for Full and Short Papers (mandatory)
1 / 6 March 2016: Full and Short Papers due
25 March / 1 April 2016: Doctoral consortium papers
15 April 2016:Notification for full and short papers
22 April 2016: Notification for DC papers
1 May 2016: Author's Registration Deadline for Full, Short, Extended Abstracts, DC Papers (main proceedings)
1  9 May 2016: Camera-Ready Deadline for Full, Short, Extended Abstracts & DC papers (main proceedings)
7 May 2016: Posters, Demos, Late-Breaking Results papers due
16 May 2016 (extended!): Workshop papers due 
1 June 2016: Notification of Workshop Papers, Posters & Demos, Late-Breaking Results papers
7 June 2016: Camera-ready for Workshop papers, Posters & Demos, Late-Breaking Results papers (extended proceedings)
                     + Early registration and author registration deadline for extended proceedings
13 June 2016: Student funding application deadline;
                      + Cut-off date for booking student residence accommodations and the Lord Nelson Hotel (June 14)


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