Accepted Doctorial Consortium Papers

Papers with Oral Presentation
  • Data-Driven Destination Recommender Systems
        Linus W. Dietz (Technical University of Munich, Germay)

  • Recommendation of Activity Sequences during Distributed Events
        Diana Nurbakova (INSA Lyon, France)

  • Integrating Item Based Stereotypes in Recommender Systems
        Nourah Alrossais (University of York, UK) and Daniel Kudenko (University of York)

  • WikiRec: A Personalized Content Recommendation Framework to Support Informal Learning in Wikis
        Heba Ismail (UAE University, United Arab Emirates)

  • Towards Practical Link Prediction Approaches in Signed Social Networks
        Xiaoming Li (Nanyang Technological University, Sigapore)

  • Modeling Student Persistence in a Learning-By-Teaching Environment
        Cristina Dumdumaya (University of Southeastern Philippines, Philippines)

  • Regulating Collaborative Learning in SQL-Tutor
        Ashish Sharma (University of Canterbury, NZ), Antonija Mitrovic (University of Canterbury, NZ) and Valerie Sotardi (University of Canterbury, NZ)

  • Modeling Learners’ Interest with a Domain-Independent Ontology-Based Framework
        Dekita Moon (University of Florida, USA)

  • Papers with Poster Presentation
  • On the Influence of Human Factors in Adaptive User Interface DesignAre You Reaching Your Audience?: Exploring Item Exposure over Consumer Segments in Recommender Systems
        Tilman Deuschel (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany), Ted Scully (Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland) and Kawa Nazemi (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany)

  • Doctoral Consortium: Trust and Reputation Management in Autonomous Internet of Things
        Leonit Zeynalvand (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

  • SUM-IML: Dynamic Scrutable User Modeling utilizing Interactive Machine Learning
        Dima Mahmoud (ADAPT Centre, Ireland) and Owen Conlan (ADAPT Centre, Ireland)

  • Personalizing large scale data visualization and interaction
        Somnath Arjun (Indian Institute of Science, India) and Pradipta Biswas (Indian Institute of Science, India)