MAP 2015 is pleased to invite proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the conference. The workshops provide a venue to discuss and explore emerging areas of User Modelling and Adaptive Hypermedia research with a group of like-minded researchers and practitioners from Industry and academia. We welcome proposals for half-day and full-day workshops. We encourage proposals for a wide range of workshops, including but not limited to:

  • Working group meetings around a specific problem or topic; such workshops may wish to ask participants to submit a white paper or position statement.
  • Mini-conferences on specialized topics; such workshops may have their own paper submission and review processes.
  • Mini-competitions or challenges around selected topics with individual or team participation.
  • Interactive discussion meetings focusing on a subtopic in the general User Modelling and Adaptive Personalization research topics.

    Proposal Format
    The workshop proposals should be PDF documents not exceeding 5 pages, submitted by email to the workshop chairs. The proposals should be organized as follows:

  • Workshop title and acronym
  • Workshop chair(s), including affiliation, email address, homepage, and experiences in organizing such events
  • Abstract (up to 300 words) and topics
  • Motivation on why the topic is of particular interest at this time
  • Workshop format, discussing the mix of events such as paper presentations, invited talks, panels, and general discussion
  • Intended audience and expected number of participants
  • List of (potential) members of the program committee (at least 50% have to be confirmed at the time of the proposal)
  • Requested duration (half day or full day)
  • Past versions of the workshop, including URLs as well as submission and acceptance statistics.

  • Additionally, we strongly suggest to have organizers from different institutions, bringing different perspectives to the workshop topic. We welcome workshops with a creative structure that attracts various types of contributions and ensures rich interactions. The organizers of accepted workshops will prepare a workshop web site containing the call for papers and detailed information about the workshop organization and timeline. The organizers will be responsible for their own reviewing process, publicity, and publishing electronic proceedings (e.g., on the CEUR-WS website).

    They will be required to closely cooperate with the UMAP workshops chairs to finalize the above mentioned details.

    Proposals should be submitted in PDF format by email to the workshop chairs at