Long Papers

Matthias Kraus, Nicolas Wagner and Wolfgang Minker

Effects of Proactive Dialogue Strategies on Human-Computer Trust

Bernd Dudzik, Hayley Hung, Mark Neerincx and Joost Broekens

Investigating the Influence of Personal Memories on Video-Induced Emotions

Patrícia Alves, Pedro Saraiva, João Carneiro, Pedro Campos, Helena Martins, Paulo Novais and Goreti Marreiros

Modeling Tourists’ Personality in Recommender Systems: How Does Personality Influence Preferences for Tourist Attractions?

Michael Barz, Kristin Altmeyer, Sarah Malone, Luisa Lauer and Daniel Sonntag

Digital Pen Features Predict Task Difficulty and User Performance of Cognitive Tests

Noemi Mauro, Liliana Ardissono and Federica Cena

Personalized Recommendation of PoIs to People with Autism

Monica Landoni, Maria Soledad Pera, Emiliana Murgia and Theo Huibers

Inside Out: Exploring the Emotional Side of Search Engines in the Classroom

Martijn Millecamp, Nyi Nyi Htun, Cristina Conati and Katrien Verbert

What’s in a User? Towards Personalising Transparency For Music Recommender Interfaces

Ralph Samer, Martin Stettinger and Alexander Felfernig

Group Recommender User Interfaces for Improving Requirements Prioritization

Thomas Kundinger and Andreas Riener

The Potential of Wrist-Worn Wearables for Driver Drowsiness Detection: A Feasibility Analysis

Sebastian Zepf, Neska El Haouij, Jinmo Lee, Asma Ghandeharioun, Javier Hernandez and Rosalind W. Picard

Studying Personalized Just-in-time Auditory Breathing Guides and Potential Safety Implications during Simulated Driving

Soyoung Rhim, Uichin Lee and Kyungsik Han

Tracking and Modeling Subjective Well-Being Using Smartphone-Based Digital Phenotype

Wanling Cai and Li Chen

Predicting User Intents and Satisfaction with Dialogue-based Conversational Recommendations

Masoud Mansoury, Himan Abdollahpouri, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Bamshad Mobasher and Robin Burke

FairMatch: A Graph-based Approach for Improving Aggregate Diversity in Recommender Systems

Nico Herbig, Tim Düwel, Mossad Helali, Lea Eckhart, Patrick Schuck, Subhabrata Choudhury and Antonio Krüger

Investigating Multi-Modal Measures for Cognitive Load Detection in E-Learning

Alessio Palmero Aprosio, Stefano Menini and Sara Tonelli

Adaptive Complex Word Identification through False Friend Detection

Ningxia Wang and Li Chen

The Impacts of Item Features and User Characteristics on Users’ Perceived Serendipity of Recommendations

Feng Lu, Anca Dumitrache and David Graus

Beyond Optimizing for Clicks: Incorporating Editorial Values in News Recommendation

Zacharoula Papamitsiou, Kshitij Sharma and Michail Giannakos

On the dependence structure between learners’ response-time and knowledge mastery: if non-linear, then what?

Oana Inel, Nava Tintarev and Lora Aroyo

Eliciting User Preferences for Personalized Explanations for Video Summaries

Matthias Wölbitsch, Thomas Hasler, Simon Walk and Denis Helic

Mind the Gap: Exploring Shopping Preferences Across Fashion Retail Channels

Alisha Banskota and Yiu-Kai Ng

Recommending Video Games to Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder for Social-Skill Enhancement

Mete Sertkan, Julia Neidhardt and Hannes Werthner

Eliciting Users’ Touristic Profile from Picture Collections

Johannes Kunkel, Claudia Schwenger and Jürgen Ziegler

NewsViz: Depicting and Controlling Preference Profiles Using Interactive Treemaps in News Recommender Systems

Thao Ngo, Johannes Kunkel and Jürgen Ziegler

Exploring Mental Models for Transparent and Controllable Recommender Systems: A Qualitative Study

Nasim Sonboli, Farzad Eskandanian, Robin Burke, Weiwen Liu and Bamshad Mobasher

Opportunistic multi-aspect fairness through personalized re-ranking

Guojing Zhou, Xi Yang, Hamoon Azizsoltani, Tiffany Barnes and Min Chi

Improving Student-System Interaction Through Data-driven Explanations of Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Induced Pedagogical Policies

Yuan Tian, Ke Zhou, Mounia Lalmas, Yiqun Liu and Dan Pelleg

Cohort Modeling Based App Usage Prediction

Guglielmo Faggioli, Mirko Polato and Fabio Aiolli

Recency aware collaborative filtering for next basket recommendation

Andrew Emerson, Michael Geden, Andy Smith, Eric Wiebe, Bradford Mott, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer and James Lester

Predictive Student Modeling in Block-Based Programming Environments with Bayesian Hierarchical Models

Farzad Eskandanian and Bamshad Mobasher

Using Stable Matching to Optimize the Balance between Accuracy and Diversity in Recommendation

Argyris Constantinides, Anna Pietron, Marios Belk, Christos Fidas, Ting Han and Andreas Pitsillides

Personalizing Picture Passwords based on the Effects of Cultural Differences

Short Papers

Hendrik Heuer

Towards Trustworthy 
Machine Learning User Interfaces for Deep-Learning-Based Object Recognition

Yitong Meng, Xiao Yan, Weiwen Liu, Huanhuan Wu and James Cheng

Collaborative Wasserstein Filtering for Item Cold-start Recommendation

Martijn Millecamp, Robin Haveneers and Katrien Verbert

Cogito ergo quod? The Effect of Cognitive Style in a Transparent Mobile Music Recommender System.

Min Hun Lee, Daniel P. Siewiorek, Asim Smailagic, Alexandre Bernardino and Sergi Bermúdez i Badia

An Exploratory Review on Techniques for Quantitative Assessment of Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises

Alessandro Benedetto Melchiorre and Markus Schedl

Personality Correlates of Music Audio Preferences for Modeling Music Listeners

Yutaro Ueoka, Kota Tsubouchi and Nobuyuki Shimizu

Tackling Cannibalization Problems for Online Advertisement

Zheng Yuan and Doug Downey

Practical methods for semi-automated peer grading in a classroom setting

Ekaterina Muravyeva, José Janssen, Kim Dirkx and Marcus Specht

The Role of Trust in Personal Data Sharing in the Context of e-Assessment and the Moderating Effect of Special Educational Needs

Ben Steichen, Carla Castillo and Kevin Scroggins

Personalized Multilingual Search – Predicting Search Result List Language Preferences

Sergio Torrijos, Alejandro Bellogin and Pablo Sánchez

Discovering related users in location-based social networks

Cataldo Musto, Christoph Trattner, Alain Starke and Giovanni Semeraro

Towards a Knowledge-aware Food Recommender System Exploiting Holistic User Models

Esteban Andrés Ríssola, Seyed Ali Bahrainian and Fabio Crestani

A Dataset for Research on Depression in Social Media

Ben Steichen, Bo Fu and Tho Nguyen

Inferring Cognitive Style from Eye Gaze Behavior During Information Visualization Usage

Fabio Colella, Pedram Daee, Jussi Jokinen, Antti Oulasvirta and Samuel Kaski

Human Strategic Steering Improves Performance of Interactive Optimization

Roy Ka-Wei Lee, Thong Hoang, Richard Jayadi Oentaryo and David Lo

Keen2Act: Activity Recommendation in Online Social Collaborative Platforms