EvalUMAP Challenge Track at UMAP 2020

New track at UMAP 2020: the CHALLENGE is to create an approach to generate personalized notifications on individuals’ mobile phones, whereby such personalization would consist of deciding what events (emails, alerts, reminders etc.) to show and when to show them.  Participants will be provided with a dataset with users’ interactions with their mobile phones.
In addition, a number of metrics and observations for participants to perform in order to facilitate comparison are outlined.

This shared task provides opportunity for participants to test and tune their systems and complete the shared task in order for comparative results and associated publications to be prepared for and presented at the EvalUMAP Challenge Track at UMAP 2020.
For more details and/or to take part, please visit http://evalumap.adaptcentre.ie/.

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

unsplash-logoPrateek Katyal