We have been developing an application in collaboration with the OPTIFAST therapy centre at the University Hospital Regensburg (Klinik Donaustauf) to support obese patients in losing weight.

The application promotes behaviors and decisions that are important prerequisites of substantial long-term behavior change.

The implemented assistance functions provide increasing levels of support:

Support with daily documentation and self-monitoring

  • Users can log physical activity
  • They can also document food consumed with OPTIFAST score calculation for all entered ingredients

02 Point Calculation gram conversion

Overview of intake and consumed energy

03 Overview used points

Support with nutritional scoring of recipes

  • The system automatically calculates the OPTIFAST-Score for any list of ingredients

01 Recipe input

  • assistance for users to select or create recipes for a given OPTIFAST-Score threshold

Automatic scoring of recipes, but still manual selection

Support with choosing dietary compliant recipes

  • We provide a recommender function that learns user preferences and offers suggestions aligning their taste profile while accounting for OPTIFAST-Score thresholds

rate 2a

  • The system utilises pre-trained models for different OPTIFAST phases (with appropriate thresholds)

rec 1a

Personalisation of recommendations for OPTIFAST score and individual preferences

In the future, many other assistance functions will improve the provided support

  • Planning of recipe sequences (nutrition plans)
  • Ingredient adaptation to OPTIFAST-Score thresholds
  • Motivational Strategies for Behavior Change

Aim: Influence nutritional choices to obtain long term behavior change