Accepted Demo Papers


Vacancy Improver: a Demo towards skill-based debiased Vacancies

Maaike de Boer, Erik Boertjes, Mike Wilmer, Steven Vethman, Ajaya Adhikari and Jok Tang

Human Interaction and Networking Transitions System (HINTS) for Social UserAnalytics and Modeling of Offline Team Group Interaction Information

Ngoc Doan, Dan Hudson, Travis Wiltshire, Philia Lijdsman, Stijn Wever and Martin Atzmüller

SIMT: A Semantic Interest Modeling Toolkit

Mohamed Amine Chatti, Fangzheng Ji, Mouadh Guesmi, Arham Muslim, Ravi Kumar Singh and Shoeb Ahmed Joarder

Recommending Better Food Choices for Clinically Obese Users

Bernd Ludwig, Selina Meyer, Julian Dietz, Gregor Donabauer, Andreas Pfaffelhuber and David Elsweiler

A Persuasive Game to Promote Awareness and Adoption of COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

Dinesh Mulchandani and Rita Orji



Accepted LBR Papers


Fairness-preserving Group Recommendations With User Weighting

Ladislav Maleček and Ladislav Peska

A Methodology for the Offline Evaluation of Recommender Systems in a User Interface with Multiple Carousels

Nicolò Felicioni, Maurizio Ferrari Dacrema and Paolo Cremonesi

Target-aware Aggregate Diversification in Recommendation

Himan Abdollahpouri, Jesse Anderton, Zahra Nazari and Ben Carterette

The ‘Unreasonable’ Effectiveness of Graphical User Interfaces for Recommender Systems

Joeran Beel and Haley Dixon

Identifying users’ domain expertise from dialogues

Roger Ferrod, Federica Cena, Luigi Di Caro, Dario Mana and Rossana Grazia Simeoni

Wearable System for Personalized and Privacy-preserving Egocentric Visual Context Detection using On-device Deep Learning

Mina Khan, Glenn Fernandes, Akash Vaish, Mayank Manuja and Pattie Maes

Beyond Algorithmic Fairness in Recommender Systems

Mehdi Elahi, Himan Abdollahpouri, Masoud Mansoury and Helma Torkamaan

Characterising players of a cube puzzle game with a two-layer bag of words

Xavier Anadón, Pablo Sanahuja, V. Javier Traver, Angeles Lopez and Jose Ribelles

Recommending Videos in Cold Start With Automatic Visual Tags

Mehdi Elahi, Farshad Bakhshandegan Moghaddam, Reza Hosseini, Mohammad Hossein Rimaz, Nabil El Ioini, Marko Tkalcic, Christoph Trattner and Tammam Tillo

Punch Anticipation in a Karate Combat with Computer Vision

Jon Etxeberria and Olga C. Santos