Accepted Papers

AI-Based Explanations for Project Recommendations in Citizen Science

Daniel Ben Zaken, Avi Segal, Darlene Cavalier, Guy Shani and Kobi Gal

Investigating the value of subtitles for improved movie recommendations

Sagi Eden, Amit Livne, Oren Sar Shalom, Bracha Shapira and Dietmar Jannach

Top-N Recommendation Algorithms: A Quest for the State-of-the-Art 

 Vito Walter Anelli, Alejandro Bellogin, Tommaso Di Noia, Dietmar Jannach and Claudio Pomo

A Qualitative Analysis of the Persuasive Properties of Argumentation Schemes 

 Ramon Ruiz Dolz, Joaquin Taverner, Stella Heras, Ana Garcia-Fornes and Vicente Botti

Including Social Expectations for Trustworthy Proactive Human-Robot Dialogue 

Matthias Kraus, Nicolas Wagner, Nico Untereiner and Wolfgang Minker

Travelers vs. Locals: The Effect of Cluster Analysis in Point-of-Interest Recommendation

 Pablo Sánchez and Linus W. Dietz

Modeling User Strategies on Interactive Information Dashboards

 Mohammed Alhamadi, Sarah Clinch and Markel Vigo

Automatic Evaluation of Aspects of Performance and Scheduling in Playing the Piano

 Hila Tamir-Ostrover, Gilad Baruch, Or Peleg, Yonatan Yellin, Maor Rosenberg, Alexandra Moringen, Kathrin Krieger, Ritter Helge and Jason Friedman

The Impact of Digital Nudging Techniques on the Formation of Self-Assembled Crowd Project Teams 

Federica Vinella, Rosa Mosch, Ioanna Lykourentzou and Judith Masthoff

Tracking User’s Knowledge and Search Goals for Information Retrieval Evaluation

 Dima El Zein and Célia da Costa Pereira

Low-Level Activity Patterns as Indicators of User Familiarity with Websites

 He Yu, Simon Harper and Markel Vigo

Walking with PACE – Personalized and Automated Coaching Engine

  Madhurima Vardhan, Narayan Hegde, Srujana Merugu, Shantanu Prabhat, Deepak Nathani, Martin Seneviratne, Nur Muhammad, Pranay Reddy, Sriram Lakshminarasimhan, Rahul Singh, Karina Lorenzana, Eshan Motwani, Partha Talukdar and Aravindan Raghuveer

Towards Supporting Adaptive Training of Injection Procedures: Detecting Differences in the Visual Attention of Skilled and Novice Nurses

  Minghao Cai, Bin Zheng and Carrie Demmans Epp

Multidimensional Analysis of Sense of Agency During Goal Pursuit 

 Roberto Legaspi, Wenzhen Xu, Tatsuya Konishi, Shinya Wada and Yuichi Ishikawa

Is More Always Better? The Effects of Personal Characteristics and Level of Detail on the Perception of Explanations in a Recommender System

 Mohamed Amine Chatti, Mouadh Guesmi, Laura Vorgerd, Thao Ngo, Shoeb Joarder, Qurat Ul Ain and Arham Muslim

How Suitable is Your Naturalistic Dataset for Theory-based User Modeling? 

Aini Putkonen, Aurélien Nioche, Ville Tanskanen, Arto Klami and Antti Oulasvirta

The Challenges of Providing Explanations of AI Systems When They Do Not Behave Like Users Expect

Maria Riveiro and Serge Thill

I Cannot See Students Focusing on My Presentation; Are They Following Me? Continuous Monitoring of Student Engagement through “Stungage”

Snigdha Das, Sandip Chakraborty and Bivas Mitra

Navigational, Informational or Punk-Rock?: An Exploration of Search Intent in the Musical Domain 

 Bruno Massoni Sguerra, Marion Baranes, Romain Hennequin and Manuel Moussallam

HateVersarial: Adversarial Attack Against Hate Speech Detection Algorithms on Twitter  

Edita Grolman, Hodaya Binyamini, Asaf Shabtai, Ikuya Morikawa, Toshiya Shimizu and Yuval Elovici

On the Benefits of Using Hidden Markov Models to Predict Emotions

 Yuyan Wu, Miguel Arevalillo Herráez, Stamos Katsigiannis and Naeem Ramzan

Understanding the Role of Explanation Modality in AI-Assisted Decision-Making

 Vincent Robbemond, Oana Inel and Ujwal Gadiraju

Nudging Towards Health? Examining the Merits of Nutrition Labels and Personalization in a Recipe Recommender System

 Ayoub El Majjodi, Alain Starke and Christoph Trattner

How to Ask for Donations? Learning User-Specific Persuasive Dialogue Policies through Online Interactions 

Nhat Tran, Malihe Alikhani and Diane Litman

Critiquing-based Modeling of Subjective Preferences 

Alan Medlar, Jing Li, Yang Liu and Dorota Glowacka

What Do Students’ Interactions With Online Lecture Videos Reveal About Their Learning?

Guojing Zhou, Tetsumichi Umada and Sidney D’Mello

Entity-Enhanced Graph Convolutional Network for Accurate and Explainable Recommendation 

Qinqin Wang, Elias Tragos, Neil Hurley, Barry Smyth, Aonghus Lawlor and Ruihai Dong

Taming User-Interface Heterogeneity with Uniform Overlays for Blind Users

 Utku Uckun, Rohan Tumkur Suresh, Md Javedul Ferdous, Xiaojun Bi, I.V. Ramakrishnan and Vikas Ashok

Evaluation of an Engagement-Aware Recommender System for People with Dementia  

Lars Steinert, Fynn Linus Kölling, Felix Putze, Dennis Küster and Tanja Schultz