Accepted Late-breaking Results and Demos Papers


Automatic Reading Detection during Online Search Sessions

Johannes Schwerdt and Andreas Nürnberger

Survey2Persona: Rendering Survey Responses as Personas

Joni Salminen, Bernard Jansen and Soon-Gyo Jung

A Family of Neural Contextual Matrix Factorization Models for Context-Aware Recommendations

Yong Zheng and Gonzalo Florez Arias

Responsible Interactive Personalisation for Human-Robot Cooperation

Matthias Kraus, Viktoria Dettenhofer and Wolfgang Minker

Optimizing the User Experience in VR-based Anti-Bullying Education

Lubomir Ivanov

A Virtual Assistant for the Movie Domain Exploiting Natural Language Preference Elicitation Strategies

Alessandro Francesco Maria Martina, Cataldo Musto, Andrea Iovine, Marco de Gemmis, Fedelucio Narducci and Giovanni Semeraro

Towards Multi-Method Support for Product Search and Recommending

Timm Kleemann, Benedikt Loepp and Jürgen Ziegler

Haven’t I just listened to this?: Exploring diversity in music recommendations

Antonela Tommasel, Juan Manuel Rodriguez and Daniela Godoy

Using Recommender Systems to Help Revitalize Local News

Payam Pourashraf and Bamshad Mobasher

Recommending Relevant Papers to Conference Participants: a Deep Learning Driven Content-based Approach

Federico Rios, Paolo Rizzo, Francesco Puddu, Federico Romeo, Andrea Lentini, Giuseppe Asaro,

Filippo Rescalli, Cristiana Bolchini and Paolo Cremonesi

Following the trail of fake news spreaders in social media: A deep learning model

Antonela Tommasel, Juan Manuel Rodriguez and Filippo Menczer

Exploring Expressed Emotions for Neural News Recommendation

Mete Sertkan and Julia Neidhardt

ViralBERT: A User Focused BERT-Based Approach to Virality Prediction

Rikaz Rameez, Hossein A. Rahmani and Emine Yilmaz


DeepCARSKit: A Demo and User Guide

Yong Zheng

Map and Content Based Climbing Recommender System

Iustina Ivanova, Attaullah Buriro and Francesco Ricci

ReStyle-MusicVAE: Enhancing User Control of Deep Generative Music Models with Expert Labeled Anchors

Damjan Prvulovic, Richard Vogl and Peter Knees