A Bandit You Can Trust
A Comparative Analysis of Automatic Speech Recognition Errors in Small Group Classroom Discourse
A Missing Piece in the Puzzle: Considering the Role of Task Complexity in Human-AI Decision Making
Amplifying Artists’ Voices: Item Provider Perspectives on Influence and Fairness of Music Streaming Platforms
Combining Graph Neural Networks and Sentence Encoders for Knowledge-aware Recommendations
Combining Reinforcement Learning and Spatial Proximity Exploration for New User and New POI Recommendations
Composing Groups in Collaborative Learning by Pair Personality Differences
Curb your procrastination: A study of academic procrastination behaviors vs. a planning and time management app
Temporal-Weighted Bipartite Graph Model for Sparse Expert Recommendation in Community Question Answering
Evaluating Pre-training Strategies for Collaborative Filtering
Explainable and Accurate: Interactive Personalization of Classifiers for Explainability using Multi-Objective Bayesian Optimization
How Close are Predictive Models to Teachers in Detecting Learners at Risk?
Human Expectations and Perceptions of Learning in Machine Teaching
Human-centered Information Visualization Adaptation Engine
Improving Proactive Dialog Agents Using Socially-Aware Reinforcement Learning
Investigating the effectiveness of persuasive justification messages in fair music recommender systems for users with different personality traits
Leveraging Causal Inference to Measure the Impact of a Mental Health App on Users' Well-being
Modelling the Training Practices of Recreational Marathon Runners to Make Personalised Training Recommendations
Personalizing Time Loss Aversion to Reduce Social Media Use
Promoting Tail Item Recommendations in E-Commerce
Service-based Presentation of Multimodal Information for the Justification of Recommender Systems Results
Together Yet Apart: Multimodal Representation Learning for Personalised Visual Art Recommendation
Toward Changing Users behavior with Emotion-based Adaptive Systems
Towards a Personalized Online Fake News Taxonomy
User Needs for Explanations of Recommendations: In-depth Analyses of the Role of Item Domain and Personal Characteristics
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