Full papers:

Analyzing and Predicting Task Reminders
- by David Graus(University of Amsterdam), Paul Bennett(Microsoft Research), Ryen White(Microsoft Research) and Eric Horvitz(Microsoft Research)

On the Impact of Personality in Massive Open Online Learning
- by Guanliang Chen(Delft University of Technology); Daniel Davis(TU Delft); Claudia Hauff(Delft University of Technology); Geert-Jan Houben(TU Delft)

Eliciting Users' Attitudes toward Smart Devices
- by Kai Zhan(Monash Univesity); Ingrid Zukerman(Monash Univesity); Masud Moshitaghi(University of Melbourne); Gwyneth Rees(University of Melbourne)

Identifying Grey Sheep Users in Collaborative Filtering: a Distribution-Based Technique
- by Benjamin Gras(LORIA - Université de Lorraine); Armelle Brun(LORIA - Université de Lorraine); Boyer Anne(LORIA - Université de Lorraine)

Interactive Modelling of Concept Drift and Errors in Relevance Feedback 
- by Antti Kangasrääsiö(Aalto University); Yi Chen(Aalto University); Dorota Glowacka(Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT); Samuel Kaski(Aalto University)

On the Value of Reminders within E-Commerce Recommendations 
- by Lukas Lerche(TU Dortmund); Dietmar Jannach(TU Dortmund); Malte Ludewig(TU Dortmund)

Gender Difference in the Credibility Perception of Mobile Websites: A Mixed Method Approach 
- by Kiemute Oyibo(University of Saskatchewan); Sahabi Ali(Ahmadu Bello University); Julita Vassileva(University of Saskatchewan)

Relating Newcomer Personality to Survival and Activity in Recommender Systems
 - by Raghav Pavan Karumur(University of Minnesota, Twin Cities); Joseph Konstan(University of Minnesota)

Reinforcement Learning: the Sooner the Better or the Later the Better? 
- by Shitian Shen(NCSU); Min Chi(NCSU)

Plate and Prejudice: Gender Differences in Online Recipes 
- by Markus Rokicki(L3S Research Center); Eelco Herder(L3S Research Center); Tomasz Kusmierczyk(NTNU); Christoph Trattner(Graz University of Technology)

Semantics-aware Graph-based Recommender Systems Exploiting Linked Open Data
- by Cataldo Musto(University of Bari); Pasquale Lops(University of Bari); Pierpaolo Basile(University of Bari); Marco De Gemmis(University of Bari); Giovanni Semeraro(University of Bari)

Automatic Teacher Modeling from Live Classroom Audio
- by Patrick Donnelly(University of Notre Dame); Nathaniel Blanchard(University of Notre Dame); Borhan Samei(University of Memphis); Andrew Olney(University of Memphis); Xiaoyi Sun(University of Wisconsin - Madison); Brooke Ward(University of Wisconsin - Madison);  Sean Kelly(University of Pittsburgh); Sidney D'Mello(University of Notre Dame)

Feasibility-tailored recommendations for blood pressure management
- by  
Mustafa Radha(Philips Research); Martijn Willemsen(Technical University of Eindhoven); Mark Boerhof(Technical University of Eindhoven); Wijnand Ijsselsteijn(Technical University of Eindhoven) 

User-Oriented Context Suggestion 
- by Yong Zheng(DePaul University); Bamshad Mobasher(DePaul University);  Robin Burke(DePaul University)

Personalizing Reminders to Personality for Melanoma Self-checking
- by 
Kirsten Smith(University of Aberdeen); Matt Dennis(University of Aberdeen); Judith Masthoff(University of Aberdeen)

Predicting Individual Differences for Learner Modeling in Intelligent Tutors from Previous Learner Activities 
- by Michael Eagle(Carnegie Mellon University); Albert Corbett(Carnegie Mellon University); John Stamper(Carnegie Mellon University); Bruce Mclaren(Carnegie Mellon University); Ryan Baker(Columbia University)

Adaptive training environment without prior knowledge: Modeling feedback selection as a multi-armed bandit problem
by Rémy Frenoy(Sorbonne University); Yann Soullard(Sorbonne University); Indira Thouvenin(Sorbonne University); Olivier Gapenne(Sorbonne University)

Gender Differences in Facial Expressions of Affect During Learning
- by 
Alexandria Vail(North Carolina State University); Joseph Grafsgaard(North Carolina State University); Kristy Elizabeth Boyer(University of Florida); Eric Wiebe(North Carolina State University); James Lester(North Carolina State University)

A Framework for Dynamic Knowledge Modeling in Textbook-Based Learning 
- by Yun Huang(University Of Pittsburgh); Michael Yudelson(Carnegie Mellon University); Shuguang Han(University Of Pittsburgh); Daqing He(University Of Pittsburgh); Peter Brusilovsky(University of Pittsburgh)

Modeling Individual Users’ Responsiveness to Maximize Recommendation Impact
- by 
Masahiro Sato(Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.); Hidetaka Izumo(Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.); Takashi Sonoda(Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.)

Harnessing Crowdsourced Recommendation Preference Data from Casual Gameplay
- by Barry Smyth(Insight Centre for Data Analytics); Rachael Rafter(University College Dublin); Sam Banks(University College Dublin)


Short Papers:

Analyzing Aggregated Semantics-enabled User Modeling on Twitter and Google+ for Personalized Link Recommendations
- by Guangyuan Piao(National University of Ireland); John G. Breslin(National University of Ireland)

Moodplay: Interactive Affective-aware Music Discovery and Recommendation
- by Ivana Andjelkovic(University of California, Santa Barbara); Denis Parra(Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile); John O'Donovan(University of California, Santa Barbara)

Recommendations with Optimal Combination of Feature-Based and Item-Based Preferences
- by Mona Nasery(Politecnico di Milano); Matthias Braunhofer(Free University of Bozen-Bolzano); Francesco Ricci(Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)

Biases in Automated Music Playlist Generation: A Comparison of Next-Track Recommending Techniques
- by Dietmar Jannach(TU Dortmund); Iman Kamehkhosh(TU Dortmund); Geoffray Bonnin(LORIA)

Modeling and Predicting User Actions in Recommender Systems
- by Tural Gurbanov(Free University of Bozen-Bolzano); Francesco Ricci(Free University of Bozen-Bolzano); Meinhard Ploner(ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE)

Predicting Customer Satisfaction in Customer Support Conversations in Social Media Using Affective Features
- by Jonathan Herzig(IBM); Guy Feigenblat(IBM); Michal Shmueli-Scheuer(IBM); David Konopnicki(IBM); Anat Rafaeli(Technion Israel Institute of Technology)

An Eye-Tracking Study: Implication to Implicit Critiquing Feedback Elicitation in Recommender Systems
- by Li Chen(Hong Kong Baptist University); Feng Wang(Hong Kong Baptist University)

Tag-Enhanced Collaborative Filtering for Increasing Transparency and Interactive Control
- by Tim Donkers(University of Duisburg-Essen); Benedikt Loepp(University of Duisburg-Essen);  Jürgen Ziegler(University of Duisburg-Essen)

Effect of Different Implicit Social Networks on Recommending Research Papers
- by Shaikhah Alotaibi(University of Saskatchewan); Juilta Vassileva(University of Saskatchewan)

Modelling User Collaboration in Social Networks: A User Data Analytics Approach
- by Ifeoma Adaji(University of Saskatchewan); Julita Vassileva(University of Saskatchewan)

Trust Profiles based on System Accuracy
- by Kun Yu(CSIRO); Shlomo Berkovsky(CSIRO); Dan Conway(CSIRO); Ronnie Taib(CSIRO); Jianlong Zhou(CSIRO); Fang Chen(CSIRO)

Incorporating Student Response Time and Tutor Instructional Interventions into Student Modeling
- by Chen Lin(North Carolina State University); Min Chi(North Carolina State University)

Extended Abstracts:

Exploring Music Diversity Needs Across Countries

Bruce Ferwerda(Johannes Kepler University); Andreu Vall(Johannes Kepler University); Marko Tkalcic(Free University of Bolzano); Markus Schedl(Johannes Kepler University)

An Experimental Study in Cross-Representation Mediation of User Models
Federica Cena(University of Torino); Cristina Gena(University of Torino); Claudia Picardi(University of Torino)

Analyzing MOOC Entries of Professionals in LinkedIn for User Modeling and Personalized MOOC Recommendations  
Guangyuan Piao(National University of Ireland); John G. Breslin(National University of Ireland)

"Tell Me What You See, I Will Tell You What You Remember"
Florian Marchal(LORIA - Université de Lorraine); Sylvain Castagnos(LORIA - Université de Lorraine); Anne Boyer(LORIA - Université de Lorraine)

Where's Your Mind At? Facial Feature Based Mind Wandering Detection during Film Watching
Angela Stewart(University of Notre Dame); Nigel Bosch(University of Notre Dame); Huili Chen(University of Notre Dame); Patrick Donnelly(University of Notre Dame); Sidney D'Mello(University of Notre Dame)

User-User Relationship Migration Observed in Communication Activity
Shuhei Yamamoto(University of Tsukuba); Noriko Kando(National Institute of Informatics); Tetsuji Satoh(University of Tsukuba)

Effective Recommendation with Category Hierarchy
Zhu Sun(Nanyang Technological University); Guibing Guo(Northeastern University); Jie Zhang(Nanyang Technological University)

Modeling User Trajectories of Exploration and Boundary Testing in Learning Games
V. Elizabeth Owen(University of Wisconsin-Madison); Gabriella Anton(Northwestern University); Ryan Baker(Columbia University)

Agent-Based Personalisation and User Modeling for Personalised Educational Games
Marieke M.M. Peeters(Delft University of Technology); Karel van den Bosch(TNO); Mark A. Neerincx(TNO); John-Jules Ch. Meyer(Utrecht University)

TBPR: Trinity Preference based Bayesian Personalized Ranking for Multivariate Implicit Feedback
- Huihuai Qiu(Beijing Jiaotong University); Jie Zhang(Nanyang Technological University); Guibing Guo(Northeastern University); Haithanh Nguyen(Telenor Research); Zhu Sun(Nanyang Technological University); Yun Liu(Beijing Jiaotong University)

Modeling Community behavior through Semantic Analysis of Social Data: the Italian Hate Map Experience
Cataldo Musto(University of Bari); Giovanni Semeraro(University of Bari); Marco De Gemmis(University of Bari); Pasquale Lops(University of Bari)

From More-Like-This to Better-Than-This: Hotel Recommendations from User Generated Reviews

Ruihai Dong(UCD); Barry Smyth(Insight Centre for Data Analytics)

Internal & External Attributions for Emotions Within an ITS  
Naomi Wixon(Worcester Polytechnic Institute); Sarah Schultz(Worcester Polytechnic Institute); Kasia Muldner(Carleton University); Danielle Allessio(UMass Amherst); Beverly Park Woolf(University of Massachusetts); Winslow Burleson(NYU); Ivon Arroyo(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)



24th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization

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